SHERPA Surface 2022 - 12 Month

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SHERPA Surface is an engineering-based, menu driven program that uses production and deposit data supplied by the user to estimate equipment, labor, and supply costs.  The user works through these parameters, changing them as necessary to tailor the estimate to conditions at specific locations.

Powered by our Comprehensive Cost Data
All necessary salaries, hourly wages, and equipment and supply prices, drawn directly from our cost database allow for quick Estimates with Minimal Project Information. The application provides suggested values for all necessary engineering parameters, including items such as hole loading factors, material densities, explosive types, and bench heights. If instructed to do so, the program then proceeds to determine all pertinent costs with no further user input.

Fully Adjustable Inputs
Experienced estimators can override any or all suggested engineering parameters by simply assigning their own values for each item. Equipment, supply, and manpower requirement values suggested by the program may also be overwritten. This feature allows you to incorporate your experience directly into the algorithms used by the program ensuring the most accurate estimates possible. For instance, local wage information may be used in place of the wages supplied with the database. Since costs can be adjusted for local conditions, the program is applicable worldwide. You can also determine whether your estimates use Metric or Imperial units on a project-by-project basis.

Easy-to-Use Interface
Our new, modern interface allows you to quickly navigate through all of the input screens with lightning speed. Finding and changing values is quick and easy, and tooltips on most inputs help explain the type of information requested and how the application determines its suggested values. Some tooltips even included alternate data to modify the application’s suggested values.

Detailed Reports with Data Visualization
Complete project output reports offer a several views of your project estimations, including an Executive Summary, Total Project Cost Summary, and more. All of these pages can be exported in PDF format for quick and easy sharing with your team.

1-year online subscription - set up within 3 business days.