Maintenance 101: Mobile Mining Equipment

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This eBook explains the fundamentals of mobile mining equipment maintenance. It is intended as a reference for mining professionals who are engaged in the maintenance process, whether they are designing programs or delivering them. The scope is confined to large surface mining vehicles: haul trucks, shovels, rotary drills, and support equipment.

The guide is organized into five sections:

  • People — discusses the skills, organization and productivity factors necessary to deliver effective maintenance;
  • Process — defines the strategic, planning and scheduling, execution, and measurement attributes inherent to maintenance of large mobile equipment;
  • Technology — explains the technical environment present at most mines and discusses the key systems that affect mobile maintenance;
  • Facilities — outlines the operating objectives and functional requirements for successful maintenance infrastructure; and
  • Product Support Contracts — describes the details of each type of contract, risks and mitigation strategies, and why certain contract types may be appropriate under specific circumstances where suppliers play a critical role in supporting mobile equipment maintenance.

These issues are fundamental to the design or improvement of maintenance operations; the underlying ideas have been developed and tested at sites globally since 1982.