Equipment Cost Calculator 2021/2022

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2021/2022 Complete Equipment Cost Calculator

This is the ONLINE version of the Mine & Mill Equipment Costs: An Estimator's Guide. The equipment list and capital costs are the same as in both Mining Cost Service and Mine and Mill Equipment. The hourly operating costs are the same as in the Mine and Mill Equipment Costs Guide. The difference is that the user can SELECT his equipment fleet and then download that equipment into Excel to adjust any costs for local conditions and import the information directly into reports, etc.

Format: Access to the 2021/2022 Database

The Industry's Most Comprehensive Tool for Mine and Mill Cost Estimating

Reliable equipment cost estimating requires experience, judgement, attention to detail, and the best cost data available. You probably have the experience and judgement, but do you have the cost data you need? Our Equipment Cost Calculator provides access to the CostMine database containing reliable capital and operating cost data for 3,000 equipment items commonly found at mines around the world.


With the Cost Calculator, You Will be Able to:

  • Select your equipment inventory from our database of over 3,000 models and sizes
  • Utilize CostMine's current capital cost and hourly operating cost data for all of the items you select.
  • Adjust the cost data to reflect local unit costs, currencies, operating conditions and economics.
  • Print a report containing the capital and operating cost data for your equipment inventory.
  • Export your inventory list with cost data to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis if desired.

If you value your time, if you value the quality of your estimates, if you want to make your job easier, the Cost Calculator will work for you. Once you have determined your mine or mill equipment requirements, the rest is easy. In a matter of minutes you can determine capital and hourly operating costs for the equipment needed for your project.

Who Uses the Mine & Mill Equipment Cost Calculator?

  • Cost Estimators
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Geologists, Engineers, Metallurgists
  • Appraisers

The Calculator is Ideal for:

  • Estimating project costs
  • Developing capital and operating budgets
  • Establishing baseline prices for appraisals

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